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A bowl of Ramen, I cook for my daughter as I want to hear her say, "It is delicious."

- Tomonari Ikeda


In 1967, the original Kairakutei Ramen House started in Yokohama, Japan, where all the famous Ramen restaurants converge. Katsuichi Ikeda was apprenticed to a Ramen master chef at Kairakutei. After working for fifteen years, he launched another Kairakutei Ramen House in Yokohama under his ownership. In 1999, Katsuichi's son, Tomonari Ikeda opened Kairakutei Ramen House in Tustin, California. As water, meat, vegetables and sauce were all different from the ones in Japan, Tomonari struggled to produce Ramen with satisfactory quality. After years of studying, he formulated his recipe for Ramen which met the high standards of both father and son. Tomonari has created innovative Japanese American Ramen cuisine that everyone enjoys.


1. Ramen Broth

Authentic Ramen lovers say that the broth determines the quality of Ramen. At Kairakutei, an abundance of vegetables, meat and unique secret ingredients is added to make our original broth rich and hearty.

2. Tare

The broth and tare (ramen seasoning) are mixed to bring its own flavor.

There are shoyu (soy sauce), miso and shio (salt) flavors.

3. Noodle

The cooked noodle is removed from boiled water at the right time so it becomes chewy and elastic but firm.

4. Ramen

The high quality ramen toppings are decorated on top and the work of art is presented in front of you.



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